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Customers Get 17x ROI

How Accompa Customers Achieved 17x Return-on-Investment (ROI)…

On average, companies using Accompa achieved 17x ROI (Return-on-Investment) during the first 12 months after implementing Accompa. Find out how they achieved it, and whether you too can achieve a high ROI…

How We Measured ROI

We conducted an in-depth survey of companies who had been using Accompa for at least 12 months. 23 companies participated in our survey.

We asked them to outline the various benefits they’ve gained from using Accompa to manage their requirements, and worked with them to quantify these benefits. We aggregated this data and calculated the average Return-on-Investment (ROI). Here’s what we found…

On Average, Companies Achieved 17x ROI

The 23 companies that participated in our survey ranged in size all the way from Fortune-500 companies to growing startups – spanning various sectors of software, Internet, IT services, hardware, and other industries.

On average, they achieved an ROI of 17x in the first 12 months after implementing Accompa to automate their requirements management processes. Details of this calculation are included in the next section.

To put this into perspective, let us apply 17x to a few sample dollar amounts:

  • Companies investing $5,000 in Accompa would achieve $85,000 worth of productivity gains in the first year.
  • Companies investing $20,000 in Accompa would achieve $340,000 worth of productivity gains in the first year.
  • Companies investing $100,000 in Accompa would achieve $1,700,000 worth of productivity gains in the first year.

Here’s what this survey result may mean to you and your company…

If your company is like these 23 companies, your investment in Accompa will very likely pay for itself several times over during the first 12 months. But there’s another important point to consider…

If you and your team use tools like Excel, Word or wikis to manage your requirements – you may be sacrificing significant productivity gains by continuing to use your current tools, don’t you think?

We request you to give this point careful consideration. Before you do that, here’s how these companies achieved 17x ROI…

Here Is How They Achieved 17x ROI


On average, Accompa users spend 28% of their time on requirements. This includes gathering, tracking, collaborating on, and managing requirements – as well as creating requirements documents.


On average, the annual cost of an Accompa user (Annual salary + Benefits). This varies with geography, and is the highest in the western U.S.


Companies estimated that, on average, Accompa saved them 16% of their time spent on managing requirements – compared to their old tools such as Excel, Word or wikis.


Annual productivity gains per user from using Accompa, averaged across all 23 companies. Calculated by multiplying the three factors above.


Annual investment per user for Accompa. This is the average annual fee per user, and includes volume discounts for companies with a large number of user licenses.


Return-on-Investment (ROI) achieved by companies using Accompa, on average. Calculated using the above two factors ($4,749 divided by $278).

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What Will Be YOUR Accompa ROI?

Imagine you and your team using Accompa to manage your requirements. You’ll avoid the shortcomings of inefficient tools like Excel, Word & wikis – and track & manage your requirements far more efficiently using a central, customizable database. What will be your ROI from doing this? Will it be 17x? Or may be even higher? Imagine the resulting benefits to you, your team and your company.

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