#1 Cloud-Based Requirements Management Software

Requirements Management Tool Integrated With Azure DevOps

Comprehensive Bidirectional Integration

Microsoft Azure DevOps is a popular tool for managing collaborative software development projects. It enables teams to create and manage work items, epics, stories, project tasks and more.

Are you looking for a dedicated requirements management software that provides integration with Azure DevOps, and that enables requirements traceability? Accompa may be your answer.

Accompa is an easy-to-use requirements management tool with powerful features for managing your requirements. Not only that – Accompa offers pre-built, comprehensive, bi-directional integration with DevOps!

Now you can build an end-to-end requirements management process that fits both your workflow needs and your tool environment by combining Accompa and DevOps.

Easy to Set Up

  • This integration is bi-directional and comprehensive.
  • You simply enter your credentials and define your desired “field mapping.” The integration works out-of-the-box.
    • There is nothing to download, install, or maintain!
  • We provide free support to help you set up this integration.

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