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Our Philosophy

What we believe in and stand for…

Here are the key beliefs and concepts that form our philosophy. We share these with you openly so that you can get to know our company better.

We make no claims that this is the only correct set of beliefs – rather this is just the philosophy we strongly believe in. And we respect those who hold beliefs opposite to ours…

We believe in making simple, easy-to-use software that empowers people.
We believe the majority of requirements management software out there today is bloated, complex software that frustrates people.

While most of our competitors take pride in having more features than anyone else – we take pride in having fewer (but essential) features, beautifully implemented. We believe it’s far better to design software that does 5 things very well, rather than 50 things in a very mediocre fashion.

For example – we’re told that some of our competitors have fancy, colorful “bubble charts.” We dislike them (bubble charts, not competitors!). This book describes in detail why – i.e. very poor way to communicate quantitative information; emphasizes glitz over substance and usefulness.

We believe in finding and offering simple solutions – even for complex business problems. We don’t believe anyone comes to work in the morning wishing their work and tools were more complicated.

We don’t outsource our support. Nor do we employ minimum-wage personnel to provide support. Instead, our support is provided by well-paid people who are experts in our software and work closely with our engineers building our software – so our support is always knowledgeable, accurate and friendly.

Unlike so many companies today, we don’t consider customer support a “cost center” – rather, we believe that delivering delightful customer support is our company’s lifeblood.

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