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Powerful Change Management

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Accompa makes “Change Control” (also referred to as “Change Management”) a breeze with features such as “Baselines,” “Lock/Unlock,” and “Custom User Roles.”

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Easily Create Snapshots (Baselines)

Create snapshot of artifacts (such as requirements, features, use cases, etc.) at a certain point in time. These snapshots are known as “Baselines” – use them to easily freeze requirements at each of your key milestones, and easily track/audit how requirements evolve over a project.

Get Approval From Stakeholders

Accompa has built-in secure, electronic approval system that makes it easy to get approvals from your stakeholders. Save a lot of time over manual approval processes, and eliminate hassles that plague many approval processes.

Lock/Unlock Requirements

Easily lock and unlock requirements. You can lock/unlock a set of requirements, a specific requirement, or specific attributes (such as Priority, Estimate, etc) of one or more requirements. Streamline your change control process easily, and avoid unexpected/unapproved changes to requirements.

Custom User Roles

Define granular access privileges using “Custom User Roles.” This decides who can update various attributes of requirements data. This enables you collaborate on requirements with a wide variety of stakeholders while preventing unauthorized changes.

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