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Group and Manage Requirements

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How It Works > Group and Manage Requirements

Easily group and manage your requirements using custom “SmartViews” to filter requirements that match desired criteria.

For example, you can create “SmartViews” to display all requirements for a specific product release, module, sprint, etc.

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Powerful SmartViews

Easily create “SmartViews” – tables that display a list of requirements that meet custom criteria defined by you. For example, “Display all requirements for Product-A, sorted by priority.” You can even define complex set of criteria with just a few clicks – you have to try it to realize how powerful it is.

Support for Large Projects

Easily manage a large number of requirements by grouping and organizing into buckets using SmartViews. You can further organize SmartViews into groups – and quickly browse requirements for a specific module, customer, priority, owner, and more.

ROI Scores – Prioritize Systematically

Prioritize requirements systematically & consistently – using ROI Score. Define custom criteria to calculate ROI (“Return on Investment”) of each major requirement/feature. Identify the best areas to focus your resources on.

One-Click Export

Export any SmartView (i.e. list of requirements that meet custom criteria) to Word, Excel, PDF or HTML – with just a single-click. Sharing a group of requirements with stakeholders (such as: emailing them, reviewing them in a meeting, etc.) cannot be any simpler.

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