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Find requirements you’re looking for quickly. Just enter your desired keywords, click “Search” – and Presto! Requirements matching your keywords are returned, sorted by the closest match.

Just like your favorite search engine!

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Powerful, Fast Search

Quickly find any requirement you’re looking for, using the powerful “Search” feature. No more rummaging through email folders, Sharepoint, and shared drives only to come up empty.

Plus, the search results appear instantly even when you have a large number of requirements.

Real Search Engine

Unlike software from many of our competitors, Accompa uses a real search engine to execute your searches. This built-in search engine is so powerful & fast, it can search through a million requirements in under 3 seconds. It is like your own mini-Google (but private & secure) for your requirements data.

Attachments Automatically Searched

Accompa search automatically searches the content of popular attachment formats such as: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, TXT, etc. This means you can easily find what you’re looking for – whether the information is in a requirement or in an attachment. Plus the search is almost instantaneous.

Advanced Search

“Advanced Search” in Accompa enables you to search requirements with specific attributes that match your criteria.

For example:
Find all requirements with “Priority = P2” and “Requested By = ABC, Inc.” and “Due Date before Jul-31-2022”

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Get your 30-day, fully functional FREE trial of Accompa…

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