#1 Cloud-Based Requirements Management Software

Features You Need, and Nothing More

Accompa has the requirements management features you need, minus all the bloat!

1. Store & Manage Requirements in a Central Repository

  • Store structured requirements in a central, web based database – instead of in unstructured documents and emails on the PCs of individuals like product managers or engineers.
  • Create, track and manage requirements, features & use cases for your products and projects.
  • Access securely from anywhere (work, home or road) with any computer – using just your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari), without installing or maintaining any software.
  • Enable all users to access up-to-date requirements at any time.
  • Customize your Accompa software requirements management solution right from your web browser, to fit the unique needs of your organization and users.
  • Create unlimited custom fields to capture and track all aspects of your requirements in the form of structured data.
  • Create custom views to manage requirements for multiple products/projects.
  • Define custom user roles to implement access privileges based on a user’s role in your organization.
  • Integrate Accompa with other software used by your organization (such as bugtrackers, test case tools, in-house applications, etc) using Pre-built Integrations and Web Services API. Implement Single-Sign-On (SSO) to integrate user login with your Active Directory or LDAP.

2. Customize to Fit Your Needs

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3. Automate Requirements Gathering

  • Gather feature requests over the web using custom web forms called “SmartForms”.
  • Gather feature requests via email using custom email addresses called “SmartEmails”.
  • Create unlimited number of SmartForms & SmartEmails for use in gathering requirements from customers as well as internal stakeholders such as Sales and Support teams.
  • SmartForm and SmartEmail submissions are automatically converted into requirements using custom criteria to save you valuable time. Review these submissions easily and process them for further action.
  • Track dependencies and relationships between requirements easily – and avoid missed requirements which often lead to project failures.
  • Perform quick impact analysis when changing, removing or deferring a requirement from a project.
  • Meet your auditing & compliance goals easily using baselines and automatic change history tracking.
  • Ensure completeness of requirements in a project using features such as traceability matrix.

4. Track Changes & Dependencies Automatically

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5. Share Requirements & Collaborate in Real-Time

  • Share requirements across different departments of your organization in real-time – securely over the web.
  • Collaborate via easy-to-use tools such as integrated discussion boards, and automatic email alerts whenever requirements change.
  • Leverage increased collaboration to avoid incomplete & inaccurate requirements that often harm your projects.
  • Identify the most popular requirement themes using our powerful Social Tags.
  • Prioritize requirements using repeatable, systematic methodology based on ROI (Return on Investment) metrics.
  • Create custom formula to calculate ROI of your requirements, to fit criteria important to your organization.
  • Say goodbye to prioritization based on ad-hoc methods and judgment calls.
  • Focus your resources on highest value requirements – instead of just requirements that seem interesting.

6. Prioritize Requirements Using Systematic Methodology

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7. Save Time & Eliminate Hassles Using Powerful Capabilities

  • Find requirements of interest to you instantly using Accompa’s powerful, customizable “Search”.
  • Group and manage requirements and features in a hierarchical structure using interactive trees.
  • Create and use requirements baselines to achieve powerful change management capabilities.
  • Import from Excel or CSV files with just a few clicks; Export with a single-click to Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, or HTML.
  • Save time and reduce hassles involved in creating requirements documents such as MRD (market requirements document), PRD (product requirements document) or SRS (software requirements specifications).
  • Create requirements documents (MRD, PRD or SRS) right from Accompa using intuitive wizards.
  • Export with a single-click to Microsoft Word, HTML, or PDF to work on them further.

8. Generate Requirements Documents Using Wizards

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