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7 Requirements Management Tools

Michael Shrivathsan
Michael Shrivathsan has worked in silicon valley for over 20 years, in various roles responsible for requirements management (including leadership roles).

I’m writing this post to provide a shortlist of requirements management tools – i.e. tools to capture and manage requirements for your projects/products in a structured, collaborative fashion.

There are a large number of requirements tools available in the market, too large to fit into any list like this! So, this post will focus only on tools I personally have good experience with, or have heard very good things from friends in the industry…

List of Requirements Management Tools

All of these tools help you to capture, develop and manage structured requirements in a collaborative fashion. Good requirements tools can offer several benefits to your requirements management process.

Check out Requirements Management Tools: Benefits, and Tips for Selecting for a list of benefits of using requirements tools, as well as tips for selecting a requirements tool for your organization.

  • Enterprise-level Requirements Management Tools
    These tools are primarily targeted at large, enterprise-level implementations. They are usually very expensive but are also loaded with features for enterprises.

  • Mid-market Requirements Management Tools
    These provide a nice balance between the feature set of “enterprise-level” tools listed above and ease-of-use of “entry-level” tools listed below.

  • Entry-level Requirements Management Tools
    These are affordable tools designed to track issues/bugs, so your organization probably already has these tools and they can be used to manage requirements – especially at smaller organizations.

  • Free, Open Source Requirements Management Tools
    If you’re interested in using an open source requirements management tool installed on your own servers, check out the following:

Best Requirements Management Tool for Your Organization

The list above contains 7 different requirements management software tools – segmented for different organization sizes and price points. I hope this helps you perform your requirements management tool comparison and find the best requirements management tool to meet your team’s needs.

Here’s to your success in building an effective, scalable requirements management process at your organization!

Editor’s Note:

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