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Big benefits you get by using Accompa requirements software…

1. Achieve 27% Faster Time-to-Market

  • Manage your requirements on a central repository using Accompa’s proven, cloud-based tool. Avoid incomplete, incorrect and lost requirements caused by ill-suited tools like Excel, Word & wikis which lead to project delays and even project failures.
  • Enable real-time collaboration on requirements by your team – even among globally distributed teams.
  • Based on our customer survey, companies using Accompa achieve an average of 27% faster time-to-market. What can your team achieve? Find out – get your 30-day FREE trial right now…
  • Do you find that juggling emails, Excel/Word, wikis and even Post-It notes (!) to keep track of requirements consumes a lot of your team’s time? Accompa makes it easy and efficient.
  • Does sharing the latest requirements with all teams of your organization consume even more of your team’s time? Accompa’s cloud-based tool makes it a snap.
  • Increase your team’s productivity by choosing Accompa – companies get 16% increase in productivity, and 17x ROI by doing so. Free your team to focus on critical, high-value activities – not juggling inefficient tools like spreadsheets, issue trackers, and wikis.  Get started now

2. Increase Productivity of Your Team By 16%

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3. Gain Real-time Visibility & Control

  • By managing your requirements on a central repository using Accompa’s secure, cloud-based tool – you gain real-time visibility into your requirements data.
  • Avoid outdated and conflicting requirements that are common when using general-purpose tools like Word, Excel, or issue trackers to manage your requirements.
  • Achieve real-time control over who can view, modify, and approve your requirements data – to ensure your development team spends their valuable time only on accurate and approved requirements. See how it works – get your 30-day FREE trial
  • Gain a better understanding of customer needs than your competitors – by implementing a proactive, proven “feature request” process.
  • Build more successful products and services – by combining a superior understanding of customer needs with a systematic requirements management process based on best practices.
  • Build repeatable requirements management practices and help your organization scale & grow. Find out how Accompa can help you do this – get started now

4. Build More Successful Products & Services

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