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Who we are, why we do this, and where we are…

Our Mission

To help our customers build more successful products, more efficiently – by enabling them to continuously improve their requirements management processes.

Who We Are

We're Accompa, Inc., a California corporation and reliable provider of cloud software to companies and organizations around the world - from Fortune 100 companies to growing startups - since 2009.

Our founders have several decades of successful experience in product management and requirements management in Silicon Valley's high-tech industry - having managed both software and hardware products in Fortune-500 as well as startup companies.

We are a privately-held, profitable, financially-sound company. We focus intently on serving the needs of our customers, and choose to grow profitably rather than "as fast as possible." As a result, you can count on us to be a reliable software provider.

Companies ranging from Fortune-100 enterprises to small companies rely on our software every single day to meet their requirements management needs. By leveraging Accompa - they're able to build more successful products and services, more efficiently.

We make and keep The Accompa Promise throughout our engagement with you. We stand for a set of beliefs and concepts - these together form our philosophy.

Why We Do This

Our founders used to manage requirements for products and projects at some of the most successful high-tech companies in Silicon Valley, starting in the mid-1990s. They learned that requirements are extremely valuable data - especially at innovative, growing companies.

Yet, during most of their careers they used Excel, Word, email and post-it notes (yikes, post-it notes!) to track & manage requirements. They observed that there were no companies making affordable, enterprise-quality requirements software - even as they saw the hundredth company get started to build yet another CRM software for sales teams!

They started Accompa to help those like them - those responsible for gathering, tracking and managing requirements (product requirements, market requirements, etc.) and feature requests - product management, business analysis, engineering, IT, and related teams.

We have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by those of you who are responsible for gathering, tracking and managing requirements. Our mission is to help you build more successful products, more efficiently - by enabling you to continuously improve every part of your requirements management process.

Where We Are

Nowadays we're a remote-first company with a globally-distributed workforce - primarily in the United States and India. Within the United States, our key personnel are in California and South Dakota.

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