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More and more software development teams are switching to “Agile” processes like Scrum & XP. When your development team switches to Agile, your PM team faces a lot of uncertainty – and, in some cases, even serious risk and possible loss of jobs.

Get this guide and learn practical tips on how your PM team can work well with Agile development teams. Use the best practices in this guide to ensure your PM team not just survives this transition, but thrives. Get it now!

How do I benefit from this eBook?

The practical tips in the white paper will help you and your PM team:

  1. Avoid pitfalls PM teams fall into & the dangers they face when their development team switches to Agile
  2. Learn best practices for working with Agile dev teams
  3. Structure your PM organization to work effectively with Agile
  4. Build more successful products by adopting effective processes for working with Agile dev teams

Can I benefit from this eBook without buying Accompa software?

Yes, you can implement most of the tips without buying our software.

Grab your free copy now and start improving your process!

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