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What is Requirements Traceability? It sounds complex and like a lot of extra work. Is it really worth it?

What are the benefits of implementing Traceability? What type of organizations/projects benefit the most from Traceability? Is it something your organization should even worry about?

Get this guide and learn answers to all of the above questions, as well as practical tips on how your team can implement Traceability and achieve the many benefits.

How do I benefit from this eBook?

The practical tips in this guide will help you and your team:

  1. Learn traceability concepts – including trace links, traceability matrix, impact analysis, suspect links, and more.
  2. Implement traceability in your projects – including tracing requirements, trace matrix analysis, change impact analysis, suspect link analysis, etc.
  3. Reduce project risk by ensuring coverage and proactive change management
  4. Achieve faster time-to-market by eliminating change management pitfalls
  5. Improve quality by implementing traceability from business requirements all the way to test cases

Can I benefit from this eBook without buying Accompa software?

You can learn the requirements tracing concepts in this eBook without buying Accompa or similar software. However, implementing Traceability for real-world projects almost always requires an enterprise-grade requirements tool like Accompa.

Grab your free copy now and master Requirements Traceability!

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